Galerie Josilda

Nieuwe ledenexpositie De Onafhankelijken

Galerie Josilda



Opening Reception:
November 25th 16:00 - 19:00

A Group exhibition on view until December 3rd
with works by
Marina Wortel / Greet Weitenberg / Charlotte Burgmans,

Marijke de Vries / Angeline Donk / Mirjam de Nijs


Angeline Donk

Angeline Donk: I observe the world and express my realizations in video and paint. The relationship towards nature fascinates me. I like to room along the coastline and dig up old junk, make video’s and remake them to a new kind of reality. Finding refuge out of doors, opening up the space on the canvas or the pixels, looking for the border between in and out. How many realities can you experience in one instant? This question is the guideline of my search.

Marina Wortel

Marina Wortel (1956) was born in Amsterdam. For many years, Marina has been active as an artist. Marina assumes a non-figurative composition. Own image speech is displayed with medium acrylic, ink and different materials with and on paper.

 Charlotte Burgmans

Charlotte Burgmans’ focus is predominantly on abstraction. Her paintings are the result of her on-going urge to experiment with technique, material and colours. Her compositions of shapes invite the viewer to follow the interplay of lines, the overlapping layers symbolizing connection. Charlotte executes the shapes very precisely, though within the shapes she usually lets go her intuition. Burgmans works from her studio in Hilversum or Los Angeles. Her work is collected in corporate and private collections all over the world. Dutch and American Film producers use Burgmans’ art works in their productions.

Mirjam de Nijs

Mirjam de Nijs loves stone as a natural source for abstract sculptures. Her work in this exhibition reflects the development of thirty years sculpting with an emphasis on experimental endeavour.

 Marijke de Vries

Marijke de Vries: "In a period of my life, I was invited to work with a silkscreen printer. I was fascinated and touched by the experience of working with this 'simple' technique. It can easily transform an earlier state of the work by the transparency and clarity of the superimposed colors and shapes. With the viscosity of paint, such an effect is much more difficult to achieve. It's something I am looking for when painting. And when I work with the layers of Perspex. The different states and layers that life ads through which a former reality shimmers. For me this evokes a feeling of nostalgia, passing through, and reminds me of layers of the earth."

 Greet Weitenberg

Greet Weitenberg  is fascinated by lines, light, shadow, quiet and estrangement. She works in a great variation of media to explore her concepts like collage, drawing, photography and video. The series Viewscape is all about estrangement in landscapes for both in collages and in photos. The works in this exhibition are photos on which she digitally painted almost everything away in bright colours until the essence remains. One or two persons. Standing isolated in the middle of these landscapes. A feeling of utter happiness remains while getting lost.

The gallery will be open on November 26, December 1, 2 , and 3rd
from 14:00 to 17:00 and by appointment.

Wormerveerstraat 15