Mirjam de Nijs

Placed sculptures

Throughout the years many statues have found a destination.
A new environment in peoples homes, in a garden or in a company business.
I need to make a selection in order to make a list of memorable sculptures.


Koestering Coherent
Eos Entiteit Doorstoken
Verzonken Oerbeeld Vrouw
Plop Jupiter Bewegende muur
Leven Spring Gizmo
Toegang Zonnedauw Bron Peruaanse  Samenspel
                            Zonnedans Vlindervrouw Improvision Ardhi Hanging             
Ontstaan Totem Vissenkop Compositie
Infinite Sporen Milaz KirmiziLotus
 WaveBeweging VerbindingVrucht Fleur de Lys
Lightplay ConnectedSpel
OpeningSumoGlowingIntimiComposition Alabaster
FreedomComposition MarbleWingedCircleSpringCyclePassion
You will probably bump into other interesting work along the way. 


The Sculptures

Placed work