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Sculpting studio

The studio on Zeeburgereiland, on the rough edge of Amsterdam, is a rugged natural spot of Amsterdam to work with stone.

It is very nice to work outside with stone, with fresh air and good light.

If the weather is less favorable, we have a glass roof and a wood stove. I advice clothes that matches the outside temperature.
It is not easy to find the studio. If you want, you can use this description:

The address: Zuider IJdijk 36 F, marked with an A


Attention 1: the road from the P&R to the studio is blocked.
I advise to choose an other road, drawn in the map with a red arrow. That is on the other side of the crossing.
Follow the new road across the island, marked with C.


Attention 2: The Piet Heintunnel will be closed from June 25th for 15 months.

The tram will continue to drive through the tunnel during the renovation.
Cars are recommended to choose an alternative route,
for example via the ring or over the Amsterdam bridge in the east.

Attention 3:
If you come by bike over the Amsterdamse bridge from the East of Amsterdam,
it is possible to take the stairs to the camping. Downstairs go right, take the next road to the left and you reach the studio.

It is wise to come by bike or by public transport.

By bike

Take the Amsterdam bridge, along the Flevoparc, take the stairs of the first road to right, to the P&R.
Continue your way, pass a rusty sculpture garden with houses, turn right at the t-junction.
After some (garage) companies, you find a sign 36F. Bring your bike, we can put it in front of the studio.
By car
            From Amsterdam East; take the Amsterdam bridge. Go straight at crossroads, go left at roundabout,
turn right and follow road C. Prolong your way. When you find the Zuider IJdijk, go left.
           From the A10, take the exit
S114 from the IJburglaan to the Zuider Zeeweg. From the North of Amsterdam, you can also find the Zuider Zeeweg.

Park you car before you enter the path of the studio

Parking policy:

Sometimes there are a few free parking spaces along the dike,
for example in front
of the sign 'forbidden to park' along the dike.
In front of the containers there is no parkingspace because of workshops,
and big busses. If there is no place along the dike, it is nice to place the car at the P&R.
There is a small path from the P&R to the studio, description at 'Public transport information'.

Public transport information

You can come with tram 26 from th Central Station close to the studio, first stop after the Piet Heintunnel.
And bus 37 comes from the  or  the North of Amsterdam.

Route description of a student to avoid a detour to the studio:
Gett off at the stop Zuiderzeeweg, the 1st stop after the Pietheintunnel
At the right there is a big terrain of Parc and Ride (P&R).
Walk along the building of the ticket sale streight on, follow arrow P busses and WC, direction channel.
At the end of the parking terrain, walk  over a pad across a lawn, go left through the fence.

When you reach the asphalt road, walk straight on along a building 'Fort Knox', and a field for horses.
Shortly after you find the small road with number 36F, there you find the studio.

If you have dificulties finding the studio, please call me: 06-40075544