Mirjam de Nijs


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You're welcome to buy an other sculpture you have found on the website.

I will be pleased to send the sculpture to you in a safe package with track and trace.
For an idea about shipping costs, you can see this overview:

Rest of the world
Sculpture - 2 kg. € 9,-
€ 15,- € 25,-
Sculpture 2 - 5 kg.
€ 9,- € 19,- € 35,-
Sculpture 5 - 10 kg
€ 9,- € 25,- € 60,-
Sculpture 10 - 20 kg € 9,- € 34,- € 80,-
Sculpture 21 - 35  kg
€ 9,- € 50,- € 125,-

To order and pay

If we receive your order by e-mail, we send you a confirmation with the price including postage.

To pay, you can use PayPal, the most common way to pay worldwide on internet.
Paying with PayPal is a secure, and easy way to pay.
The sculpture will be sent to you when the money is received.
The money must be received within 14 days.
Otherwise the sculpture will be available for sale.
We send with track and trace.


The client has the opportunity to return the packet within 30 days.
We return the payment within 14 days.
The client has to pay the postage.
We must receive the sculpture without damage.

Reaction of a clint after receiving a sculpture:

'Oloide arrived savely

Dear Miriam,

yesterday we unboxed lovely Oloide, that arrived in perfect condition - and Im absoluteley dazzled! It is so beautifully crafted and the serpentine stone has such a stunning + vivid character, that I cant stop to caress it. In german we call it a "handschmeichler"... what a great piece!

hartelijk bedankt voor & greets from snowy Munich, ...'


(...) Thank you so much Mirjam! We are so excited. We truly love your work so much and it looks so beautiful in our showroom and in every clients home. You are so talented!


Thank you for the opportunity to work with you,




The Sculptures